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Legendary content for legendary moments

The brief

Drive hype and ticket sales for the Challenge Cup Final

The Game plan

The Challenge Cup. Played since 1896. That's some serious history. The final is the arena which tests the game's very best. The stage where club heroes become legends of the game. We wanted to celebrate these epic moments when legends are made. We did it in a way that would evoke nostalgia with older fans and create a sense of wonder with the next-gen. Rotoscoped animations of the five most legendary moments in the cup's history.

The Results

Over 100,000 organic cross-platform views, on social channels with a combined reach of 80,000. Engagement rates over 28 times the industry average. Attendances 23% higher than in 2021. A TV audience share higher than any final since 2008.



"The videos are class. They get better with every watch."

Ross - Head of Marketing