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Christian Pulisic Shoot Day

The brief

Generate and produce content ideas that Christian would be proud to post his social feeds and that drive hype around three new PUMA product ranges.

The Game plan

End Product's creative philosophy is based on pushing the boundaries of believability. We know this gets fans on social talking but we also know that athletes love taking part in unique challenges that tap into their competitive spirit but also show off their skills. We came up with a range of TikTok first challenges that would test CP's brain and skills to his limits. Can he beat a 50kmph remote control car in a pair of the Breakthrough boots built for speed? Can he remember all the tattoos that inspired the new Signature pack? Does he really move too quick for a 60fps camera?

The Results

Over 10 pieces of content posted across CP's channels to over 15m fans. BTS content live in PUMA flagship stores including 5th Avenue, NYC.



"It’s really been so fun to work with the whole EP team to make these videos come to life! I know everyone at PUMA has been super impressed with the creativity and final deliverables!"

Brenna Bourie, Senior Production Manager, PUMA North America