LIV Golf

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Maximum social noise for the loudest tour in golf

The brief

Provide a social strategy and graphics package that puts LIV Golf on the map.

The Game plan

The most controversial launch of a tournament in sports history? Probably. New shotgun starts, team leaderboards, no cuts and huge prize money. There was a lot for golf fans to wrap their heads around. That's why our social strategy was all about bringing the noise. Create so much coverage that people couldn't help but find out what the fuss was all about. This meant bold, vibrant colours for our templates package, a confident and fast-paced copywriting style for social and content innovations that would leave people wanting more.

The Results

One in five golf conversations on social media were about LIV in week one of the launch. Zero to 413k followers in less than five days. Over 164m cross-platform views of social content around the first event. Twitter interaction rates over 10x the industry benchmark.



"This is perfect. Exactly how I envisioned our socials - I absolutely love it."

James - Senior Vice President